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Properly prepared appraisals are written reports which comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). They are based upon established appraisal principles, theories, practice methods, and code of ethics.

They are legal documents prepared for Clients which can include individuals, courts, institutions, businesses, and other intended users. They involve more than simply listing property and attaching ‘guestimates’ of value.

The content and format of each appraisal report varies according to the specific assignment. To meet the American Society of Appraisers standards, the Appraisal Report should contain the following information:

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Transmittal Letter

Signed Certificate

Assignment and Scope of Work

Subject Property Description

Market Analysis and Valuation Conclusion

Limiting Conditions

Sources of Data and Authorities Cited

Privacy Policy Notification

Appraiser's Credentials



Reports pepared in compliance with IRS specifications are more extensive.