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The starting point of an appraisal assignment is to identify the intended use of the appraisal. Common uses are:

Charitable Donations

Damage and Loss


Equitable Distribution




Sale / Purchase


Properly prepared appraisals are written reports which comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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To find a professional, competent, and qualified appraiser, ask:


I aim to work efficiently and effectively; allocating my time appropriately as the property warrants. All services are charged at an hourly rate plus expenses. The fee is never contingent upon a predetermined conclusion of value, the attainment of a stipulated result, or a direction in value that favors the cause or you, the Client.

Payment. For your convenience, I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.


For five years I owned and operated FaFa Gallery, it specialized in hand-selected high end softwood fine Asian furniture ranging from 150 to 400 years in age. My intention with the Gallery was to deepen the West’s appreciation for Asian beauty. For centuries collectors have admired traditional Chinese furniture for its refined design, quality craftsmanship, fine proportion, human scale, and energetic qualities. FaFa’s authentic pieces embodied the essence of this classic tradition. I hand selected each piece under the guidance and tutelage of Mr. Curtis Evarts, former curator of the Museum of Chinese Classical Furniture in Renaissance, CA, who has lived and worked in China since the mid 1990s.

I have a few select pieces for the true collector..

Inquiries welcome.

 Appraisal Report Contents

 Appraisers and Competency


 FaFa Gallery

 Intended Use of Appraisals